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Companies Like Metaverse Mod Squad Partner With Zendesk to Improve Customer Relationships

The National Football League, Zendesk, JibJab, and Metaverse are all great examples of companies that have gone above and beyond to improve customer relationships. These companies share a common goal: to provide better customer experiences. They do so by providing a range of customer engagement services, such as digital support. Companies like Metaverse partner with Zendesk to improve their customer relationships. To find out more, please visit their websites.

Metaverse mod squad

A global leader in digital engagement, Metaverse Mod Squad, has expanded its partnership with Zendesk Inc. to provide more effective customer support. The partnership will help brands and other companies improve their customer relationships and retain the human touch. Through a customized installation of Zendesk, Metaverse Mod Squad will offer clients a fully integrated strategy that integrates support elements including social, chat, phone, and ticket. This means companies can take advantage of added functionality and features without having to hire a separate team of support agents.

Rather than hiring people with specific skills, companies like Metaverse employ a pool of experts in many different areas of expertise. For example, Metaverse wanted moderators who knew the differences between East Coast and West Coast rap. The moderators needed to understand the differences between gang signs and East Coast rap, among other things. The company offers flexible schedules to meet the needs of different projects. And it’s not just a small company – Metaverse has more than 500 moderators.


A global leader in digital engagement services, Metaverse Mod Squad has announced an expanded partnership with Zendesk Inc., which will help brands communicate more effectively with their customers. Through this partnership, the company will offer a unified strategy for customer support, combining the four primary types of support – social, chat, phone, and ticket – in one centralized system. This way, companies will benefit from additional functionality and features without having to hire a full-time team.

The company has a global network of Mods spanning seven countries, and recently opened a European Operations office in Londonderry, Northern Ireland. The company’s headquarters is in Austin, Texas, with offices in several other major markets. In 2015, the company changed its name to ModSquad and launched a new website and online resources for its users. To keep up with the latest industry news, the company will continue to grow their network of Mods.


When it comes to customer support, JibJab partnered with ModSquad, a company that helps its clients improve the customer experience through digital engagement. With more than 100 instances of Support used by its clients, ModSquad is a trusted partner for improving customer relationships. This company is also partnered with Zendesk, a leading provider of customer support software. Metaverse’s ModSquad service also trains Mods to speak fluently in customer support philosophy and brand.

During the holiday season, JibJab agents are busy sending holiday greetings to their customers, but they’re now carrying the personality of the JibJab brand. Their responses are now personalized and sometimes include animated GIFs. They look forward to the winter holidays as a gift from their customers and a time for team bonding. A recent holiday card campaign has earned JibJab over 60 percent of its annual business.

National Football League

Companies like Metaverse Mod Squad have experienced tremendous growth in the last year and now employ more than 500 people. The company specializes in providing customer service solutions for MMOs and virtual worlds, including avatar staffing, community management, brand protection, and child safety. The company is based in Knightsbridge, United Kingdom, with an additional office in Brooklyn. Founded in 2009, Metaverse is owned by Amy Pritchard, who founded the company in response to a pressing need to better manage the online efforts of various companies.


The mod team behind the popular Nickelodeon series, the Mod Squad, are bringing new features to the game. For one, they’ve made the game’s audio more realistic by adding voice modding to each character. In one video, NyxTheShield focused on SpongeBob and improved his voice, which made the character seem like he was laughing. However, you might not be able to hear the underlying humor.

State Department

One company supplying moderators to online gaming communities is Metaverse Mod Squad. Today, the company has over 10,000 mods working for clients like Warner Bros., Harper Collins, the NFL, Electronic Arts, and the US State Department. Metaverse Mod Squad independent contractors chat with customers and manage online communities. Its team members maintain their CVs in files, and respond to applications within 72 hours. Currently, the company is hiring for the holiday season.

The company is looking for moderators with expertise in a range of subjects. They need people with experience in West Coast and East Coast rap, as well as knowledge of gang signs. The company’s software recognizes similar requests and notifies the appropriate authorities. This approach has helped Metaverse become profitable, which is a major benefit. But it has faced criticism in the past, including from the State Department.

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